Using Ego Electronic Cigarettes To Quit Smoking?

If you would have told me that I would be able to quit smoking, I probably would have laughed at you.  I’ve tried numerous times to kick the habit, only to end up picking it right back up again later, if I had even shown any signs of success to begin with.  When I picked up my first electronic cigarette, though, I knew that it was going to be the key to me kicking the habit.


Other stop smoking aids fail to deliver in one main area: replicating the act of smoking a cigarette.  Patches can’t do it, gums can’t do it, inhalers tried and failed, they just don’t work. Electronic cigarettes changed up the delivery of your nicotine, though, making it a much more enjoyable method for quitting smoking.

A smoker’s habits are set into their brain and are going to be hard to break.  This is why the act of chewing on some gum, putting on a patch, or using a nicotine inhaler fails.  Instead of just the hand-to-mouth motion that so many smokers need to satisfy their cravings, they also need to exhale something that resembles smoke.  Without all of these key ingredients combined, a smoker’s chances of quitting are greatly reduced.

Electronic cigarettes satisfy the hand-to-mouth motion that so many smokers are addicted to, along with the inhaling and exhaling of a water vapor, similar to smoke produced by a cigarette.  This water vapor contains the nicotine needed to fix your craving, without the added tar, ammonia and other chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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